/ 2010

Concept, images and installation by Eva Geatti e Nicola Toffolini
 in collaboration with /
Music: Rotorvator
Animation video: Emanuele Kabu /
Project and technical collaboration: Michele Bazzana /

Audio-video programming: Frank Halbig /

Sound designer: Marcello Batelli
Staging: Davide Macor
Technical advice: Enrico Lain, Tommaso Pecile / 

Produced by COSMESI and CSS Teatro stabile d’innovazione del FVG /

Supported by Santarcangelo 40

Duration of the play: 20 mins / On stage: Eva Geatti with live-set of ROTORVATOR / Première: SANTARCANGELO 40, Sferisterio, Santarcangelo di Romagna, 09,10,11 July 2010.

Following their previous work Periodonero, Cosmesi has broadened its horizons, touching a new boundary in an encounter with the music group Rotorvator. In the sound-tracking of a gloomy event through a concert pushed to excess, it seems that the stage can no longer nourish any hope. No ascent is attempted, no strategies constructed, but we are left to be crossed by deafening music. The video animations that grew out of Periodonero survive as ongoing interferences within which images may be glimpsed of a progressive decomposition. If the signal is disturbed it is because there is no longer anything noble and all that remains is to get rid of all the black residue that still encrusts us.

Cosmesi is an experimental group founded in 2001 by Eva Geatti and Nicola Toffolini with the desire to get into theatre research as much as possible. Right from the start has transcended simply putting on shows in favour of investigating the stage as a device, the theatre as a free place for involvements and experiments of the visual imagination. The company’s baseline is to build up autonomous architectures (abstract or otherwise) that contain the body, “acting conditioning cells”. At present Cosmesi tends to work without preconceptions, once more considering theatre space as a battlefield, without limits and without heavy artillery.

SANTARCANGELO ‘40 / Santarcangelo di Romagna